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Barb Bryson

Barbara Bryson, RN BS

I have lived in Klamath County for 50+ years and have been able to experience so many different employment opportunities that help me to this day owning my own business.

. Soon after I graduated from nursing school my own mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I was honored to care for her in my own home with the help of Hospice.

It truly has turned out to be my passion in life and continues to this day.


Teresa Pastorius

Teresa Pastorius

I have been privileged to work in hospice management since 1994.  Losing my beloved husband to cancer in 1999, I also have hands-on experience in caring for a dying loved one with the care and support of hospice.
My job consists of dealing with rules, regulations, inspections, auditing, quality, compliance, human resources, insurance, etc. However, the most rewarding times are when I get to meet with patients and families. Whether explaining hospice services or just notarizing important documents, meeting with them is a pleasure and a privilege.
Although my family, (daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law and sister) live in Southern California, I knew I had found home when I moved to Klamath Falls over 25 years ago. My Klamath Falls family consists of two German Shepherd dogs and two cats, as well as all the wonderful friends I have made in this community.


  Jan Florez

Jan Florez
Office Manager

Jan grew up in Klamath Falls and attended Pelican Elementary, Freemont Jr. High and graduated from KUHS.
Jan married her high school sweetheart, George Florez, after graduation. They have two daughters, Melina and Melissa, two sons Mando and Todo and 7 beautiful grandchildren. Their family celebrates the Mexican and Southern traditions of food and family and share the enjoyment of participation and watching all sports.
Jan came to High Desert Hospice in 2007 after working at Sky Lakes Medical Center in K Falls and Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay. While working in the hospital setting Jan served on national committees and held state offices in the northwest regional area for patient access. Jan’s father-in-law was a recipient of High Desert Hospice services and was so impressed with the care and compassion he received that when the opportunity presented itself she joined the team



Kayla Nelson

I have lived in Klamath Falls all my life. I graduated from Mazama High School in 2007. I started working full time at High Desert Hospice in 2009. I absolutely love my jo b and everybody that I work with , I have learned a lot from working with Hospice and I can say our hospice care really does speak for itself .
I have been blessed with a son and got married April 2013. I enjoy being with my family, camping, fishing, hunting, and watching sports and just being around the people that make me happiest !
Back in 2006 High Desert Hospice took care of my Great Grandmother. My family was going through such a hard time but watching Hospice staff come in and seeing how much they cared and just being there f or my family at such a diff icu lt time really made me start wanting to know more about hospice. It's been a really good experience f or me and I am very thankful that I have had this opportunity to be a part of High Desert Hospice


Karla Cossette, RN BSN

I moved to Klamath Falls from Bismarck, North Dakota, 21 years ago with my husband and our five children. I was born and raised in North Dakota and was the 2nd oldest of 9 siblings. As a teenager, my first ‘real job’ after working on the family farm, was as a nurses’ aide in a long term care facility; I admired the aides and nurses and it was my intent to become an RN.  I loved nursing and I loved the residents. It was the first time I realized that death was a process and not something to fear. One of my sisters died of cancer in 1995 after a 4 year battle. Within 8 months of her death two friends in Klamath Falls also died of cancer and I saw the value of Hospice in their care and I greatly admired the Hospice nurses. I love my job at High Desert Hospice and am proud to be included in the ranks of Hospice Nurses.


Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas, RN

My name is Linda Thomas and I am an RN that is very happy to be working for High Desert Hospice.  I came from Baltimore, Maryland when I married my husband, Gene. He was from there also.

I began my medical training as a volunteer for what was then Klamath Falls City Fire Department.  I was an EMT and a firefighter for about 7 years.  From that experience I desired a career in the medical area.  Eventually I did get my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from OIT and worked in the emergency room at the hospital.  In addition, I worked 13 years as a firefighter/paramedic for Klamath County Fire District #1.  Then High Desert Hospice needed a supplemental RN.  At that time I felt that God had really prepared and groomed me for working as a hospice nurse.  I love the job, the people. And the staff and hope to continue working here.

Currently, we have lived in the same house for over 35 years. We both like Klamath and will probably stay here.  We have no children, but we have been known to breed and raise Labrador retrievers for over 15 years.  Needless to say, our dogs are our “kids” and they are indeed spoiled rotten.

We both are involved in multiple church activities at Faith Tabernacle.  We participate in some of the “senior” function and have made a trip to Israel in the past and hope to get to the Holy Lands once again.

Both of us enjoy cruising and have planned a trip to the southern Caribbean in March 2016.  Another water related even is house boating on Lake Shasta with friends.  You could say that we do not lead dull lives.

Liz Tidwell

I was born and raised in Klamath Falls. I am the middle child with 2 sisters and 2 brothers. I married in July of 2013. My husband and I spend the majority of our time with our families and friends. I love living in Oregon, especially during the summer. I enjoy camping both locally and at the Oregon Coast or spending the day at one of the many lakes in our area. 

    I have been working in a healthcare setting since 2012. I became a Licensed Practical Nurse in December of 2013. Much of my healthcare experience has involved caring for geriatric patients which is my passion. I accepted a position at High Desert Hospice in February of 2013 and already, I know I am in the right place. I am proud to be involved in the compassionate care that is provided to our patients and their families.


Bonnie Holloway –
Veterans and Community Outreach Coordinator

Being born and raised locally in Klamath Falls has been rewarding in many ways. 
In 2012 my husband Gary and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  Together we have raised a son, Cory, and daughters, Camie and Crissy.  Our family has grown to include eleven wonderful grandchildren.

Professional opportunities have included caregiving, sales, office management, Administrator/Residence Director for Assisted Living, Memory Care and retirement communities.  These experiences have enhanced my passion to love and assist seniors.

As the Veterans and Community Outreach Coordinator for High Desert Hospice, I can pursue my passion of serving working with those in my community who served their country.  What an honor…



Debbie Burnett

Debbie Burnett LMT

Debbie has been a licensed massage therapist since 2001. She began her career at Sky Lakes Medical Center working with patients as well as with staff. While working with critical and terminally ill patients, she realized the need for massage therapy in their care. Massage therapy is an excellent tool in assisting patients with pain control, comfort care and relaxation. Debbie not only uses her massage skills with High Desert Hospice patients but has her own private business as well. Debbie possesses the ability to connect well with her patients at High Desert Hospice.








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