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The word "hospice" originally represented a place of refuge that provided shelter, nourishment and comfort for weary travelers. Today, "hospice" is not a place, but a program that provides care and support for people as they near the end of life's journey.

During the course of certain illnesses, when the patient, doctor and family decide that aggressive curative treatment is no longer appropriate, hospice offers new hope. High Desert Hospice is here to treat the person, not the disease. Our goal is to meet all of the patient's needs - physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Hospice care is about choices and High Desert Hospice offers patients and families greater control over end-of-life decisions. Our goal is to keep intact the independence, dignity and personal choices of the patient. We can do this by focusing on the specific needs of each patient and the patient’s family.

 Hospice recognizes dying as a normal process of living and focuses on maintaining quality of life. Thus, our patients can live in the comfort of their own home, participate in the decision making that effects their care and attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparedness for death that is satisfactory to them.

 What Patients Have Said About Our Care

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My family and myself want to thank you for all the great care and support for my husband and me.  Thanks seems not nearly enough;  Love you all.

My husband and I want you to know how much you are appreciated for all that you do!  You make life for others bearable.  God sees and knows the love that you have in your hearts for the wonderful work that you do.

Thank God you are able to do what you do for families each day.  It means so very much to so many.  Thank you.